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Pearl of Wisdom loves you, in her fashion. And you love Pearl.  SURPRISE!

You are to be congratulated on finding this site. This is where Pearl of Wisdom explains it all for you. When All Else Fails, ASK PEARL. Write in with your own concerns or simply read Pearl’s advice to others. It all comes to the same As The Tail Ends.

Love offerings welcome.

You will know when the time is right. Meanwhile, tell Pearl what is on your heart. Talk to ME. Pearl of Compassion understands all things and will respond. ASK PEARL now!

Pearl of Wisdom absolves herself of any and all responsibility for whatever may go terribly terribly wrong as a result of taking her advice. Thank you for writing in and have a nice day.

Due to overwhelming popular demand, by readers who don’t have a clue what is going on here, I am including a brief temporal autobiography of ME, Pearl de Sagesse de Sabaduria.

I AM A DEAD SQUIRREL WHO KNOWS EVERYTHING and pines to share it with YOU. I lived for 10 years as a non-releasable in So. Cal, and gnawed my way through most of a Merriam-Webster’s English dictionary and around the edges of a LaRousse Spanish/French. Plus, I  absorbed vast amounts of information through my 7 senses, tuned beyond anything you can yet imagine. And the rest I make up.
In short, in matters vegetable, animal and mineral, I am the very model of a modern psychic squirrel.
Croaking only increased my power and lovability factor.
You can ASK PEARL anything. Confide in ME, Gentle Reader; unburden your soul. Pearl wants to hear from you, NOW.
The big pink human who was my earthly caregiver and is now my channeler is, to put it kindly, a bit of an albatross. I listen to Seth and Abraham complaining but HA! their challenge is nothing compared to ….well, don’t get ME started. Just write to ME. Every category gives you the opportunity. Pick your favorite, or visit them all, and let’s get to know each other.


764 Blessed Comments

  1. Avatar Jestress says:

    Pearl, it feels like the whole world around me is crazy! Everyone around me has screwed-up priorities, and it seems like human society itself is a mess! So, my question is . . . How can I get my fellow humans to give me money? Because, the way I figure it, having money would make my life more enjoyable in the midst of all this madness, or at the least, I could better afford professional help to deal with it.

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      Right on, Jestress! For ME it’s Filberts but it amounts to the same thing. At least WE have our priorities straight.
      Your Pal,

    • Avatar Yuu says:

      Hello pearl the psychic squirrel, I am on my spiritual journey and I’m unsure if you actually do readings yourself
      But, I am wondering if you can sense about my soul origins I’ have a non human soul if you heard of starseeds, if you can comment on that

  2. Just wanted to send good wishes to a fellow Possum & Animal lover.

    Merry Christmas,
    Walter Iglesias.

  3. Avatar Possum Witch says:

    Happy New Year, Pearl! From a big fan and aspiring admirer. Keep living your best life in 2018.

  4. Avatar Heather Drew says:

    Got my shirt today and LOVE IT! I am so tickled to see that your true spirit of selflessness is shinning through by offering the cosmic soul of the Opossum face time on your T-shirts. You are one step closer to the extinction of your personal ego and oneness with the universe . . . well, not really. I was so enamored by the shirt I forgot about the money I spent . . . oh yes, the money . . .

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      Hi Fireboltwombatgirl,
      I’m glad you are happy with the shirt, I suppose. When I began this enterprise the intention was that people would
      send ME money and get NOTHING in return. It was so pure. Oddly enough, only a few people obliged and felt the enormous benefit. Others persistently clamored for stuff stuff stuff. They would not be denied. And because Pearl Loves You and is somewhat adaptable under the right circumstances, she provided stuff. You live in a capitalist society and I live in a tree. It’s different. Oh, and BTW, I AM the Universe.
      Your personal Pearl

  5. Avatar kelko says:

    how do you make milk for a baby goat

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      O.K., I give up. How do you make milk for a baby goat?

      • Avatar Tiny Squirrel boy says:

        Hey Pearl,
        I was wondering if I could get some help planting my chicken seeds. I’ve been having a lot of trouble getting them to grow what do you think I should do pearl.

        Lots of love Squirrel Boy

        • MEpearl MEpearl says:

          What happened to Chicken Boy? No matter.
          Chicken seeds are tricky as you’re never sure if you are planting chickens or eggs.
          Have you considered goats?
          The Ever Pondering Pearl

  6. Avatar Sarah Mcbrayer says:

    love your videos!

  7. Avatar Duchess of Cornwall says:

    Dearest Pearl,

    I am so confused! My thoughts return to a Scot that busies himself mainly in the country doing what good he can. He is of little words. Is it best then for me to busy myself as well bc if the stars align they will one day? Or would the great Pearl advise that better to be present and stay present. Thank you for your healing words of wisdom.

  8. Avatar Jeremy says:

    Hi Pearl,
    What are your thoughts on snakes? Also, how do you feel about the current Mercury Retrograde?
    All the best, big fan, yours,

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      Snakes~ Don’t think about them much. They are one of the symbols for the human Goddess, whereas squirrels, specifically ME, am the symbol for the Universal Goddess.
      Mercury Retrograde is a pain in my patute, especially during baby season when all those precious little beings are falling out of trees because Mama can’t get home. Sad Sad Sad. I can fix most everything but this requires concerted human help. Find those babies and get them to a rehabber while there is still time. Protect Mother Squirrel and all Her children.

  9. Avatar Michelle says:

    Just wondering where you got the inspiration for your possum videos?

  10. Avatar Tiny Squirrel boy says:

    Hey pearl,
    I saw your possum politics video and I think you should run for president. Ya got my vote :).
    Lots of love Squirrel boy

  11. Avatar ally says:

    Dear Pearl,
    Writing with tragic and confusing news: an opossum has reached its final resting place… just outside my bedroom window. Definitely not playing dead as I know they do, it has been there a few days now. I called animal control but they say they cannot help if it the animal is on private property. I am unsure how to move forward. Is the opossum there with you, wherever you are? What is the best way to honor an opossum’s spirit in a time like this? As it has bit the dust so geographically close to where I sleep and I am not sure of the cause of such a sudden death, it would be nice to know whether any negative energy has been left behind and how I should proceed.
    Many thanks,

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      Once the opossum realizes that she is actually deceased little time is needed to consider future options.Thank you for your concern.

  12. Avatar Nothing Rhymes with Blorenge says:

    How do I choose a commander of my taxidermy squirrel army? What if we don’t see eye to eye? How do I stop them from rising up against me? Do you like applesauce? I love applesauce.

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      We advise against activating any kind of army, especially squirrel. But you are onto something regarding applesauce.
      The world does not have enough applesauce. Perhaps you could turn your attention to producing more.
      You’re welcome,

  13. Avatar Jessica Silverspoon says:

    Hey pearl!
    I have a problem….
    The illumiati is coming after me. I cant trust anyone or anything, what should i do

    please help im going die.

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      Sage advise: If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. It’s fun being part of the Iluminati. There are costumes and you can play with really cool eccentrics.
      So stop running and welcome what chases you. Very empowering. And, no, you are not going to die. Not from this, anyway. But do be careful climbing trees which grow at a precarious angle.
      Your Pal Pearl

  14. Avatar ImaDog says:

    Hey Pearl,

    I am a concerned dog.
    Writing about my addiction for chasing sacred little squishy squirrels. How do I conquer my inner dog? I’ve tried tea, and yoga, mostly doing downward dog. If squirrels are the universe, am I a black hole? I feel empty. Help me sacred squishy universal goddess……

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      What’s the matter with you, ImaDog!!! Don’t you have any toys of your own? You are engaged in the most egregious of
      behaviors with far reaching consequences. Regular Karma is a dance in the park compared to SACRED SQUIRREL KARMA.
      We come after your puppies and your puppies puppies and your puppies puppies puppies and their humans.
      Next time you feel drawn to the chase, just say No. Too hard? Then redirect your attention. I recommend birds.

      Chasing birds is huge fun and, in the unlikely event that you catch one, you will be celebrated, not shunned,
      as is the case with small minded, mean spirited, in-bred, caca for brains K9s intent on savaging my multitudinous beloveds.
      Each squirrel released into your planet is a genuine part of the great and powerful ME and what you do to the least
      of my squirreletts, you also do unto ME. So don’t! Because if you do, with ME s my witness, you’ll regret the day you were ever whelped.
      Love, Pearl

  15. Avatar Thomas says:

    I just recieved a baby possum he or she isn’t a tiny baby it’s a pretty good size baby but I’m not sure what or how to feed it so I’m trying to seek out help and someone mentioned your name to me and said you had the answers I need and it looks like I may have found the right person to find out what I need to know, please respond to me as soon as possible, I don’t want my new baby to be hungry nor dehydrated

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      Yo Thomas, not really. I am an ascended squirrel revealing deep spiritual truths.
      What you need is earthier and more practical. Put ‘Baby Possum Care’ into your search engine and everything you need to know will be presented. Track down a local veterinarian who does ‘exotics’ and say you have a horse, no, that would be misleading, an opossum. Then program all the pertinent info into your cell phone, including directions, and you are ready to go in an emergency. See if there is a wildlife rehabilitator in your area and maybe get some hands-on help. Possums seem like very simple creatures but their needs are quite complex.
      Thanks for looking after my little one.
      Pearl, Mother of all Creation except for the honey badger who wasn’t supposed to turn out like that.

  16. Avatar joe says:

    hey pearl, i wanted to know what your opinion on the use of medical marijuana was, and if you think it is beneficial to the future of medicine

  17. Avatar paula says:

    hello pearl I wanted to know what is the meaning of dreaming of cabbage

  18. Avatar The Wannabe King of Korea Who Thinks He's Donald Trump says:


    What do I do with an opossum who jauntily juxtaposes his privy member to others?

    Somewhat Kindly,

    The Wannabe King of Korea Who Thinks He’s Donald Trump

  19. Avatar Salem says:

    What do you do if you drowned in a past life?

  20. Avatar A cencorned boy says:

    Dear mepearl aka your earthly care giver i am writing because i think you need to seek the help of a mental health care provider in the mean time keep entertaining me with you wierd theorys about opossums.
    Sencirly a very concerded boy.

  21. Avatar TookMyPearl says:


    Will there be anymore videos any time soon? I miss you.

    Much love. xx

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      Thank you, Thomas~
      We noticed that few viewers have seen all 75 videos. This hiatus is intended to give our beloved followers a chance to catch up.
      Videos go well with spaghetti, herb tea and plenty of cake.
      Pearl the Plump

  22. Avatar angel says:

    Hey Pearl I’ve been feeling pretty depressed lately, do you know any things that could I do to help me feel better about myself?
    Thanks so much!

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      Write down 14 things to be depressed about that have nothing to do with you personally and address those. Think globally, act locally. Feeling better about yourself will result from thinking less about yourself and being active. And feed the squirrels. Always feed the squirrels. And not those cheap peanuts, either. We like raw almonds and walnuts.
      Pearl the Profoundly Practical

  23. Avatar alayna says:

    Dear Pearl. Just wanted to send good vibes and best wishes.
    Love, a follower.

  24. Avatar Olivia says:

    Dear Pearl,

    My coworkers are not convinced of your excellence, what advice do you have to win them over with you and your opossum?


    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      Dear Olivia,
      I have you and that is what matters. My followers need not Pearlselytize. Everyone comes to ME in my own good time. Pearl the Patient

  25. Avatar Colleen says:

    Why do we never see baby squirrels running around? I’ve only ever observed grown looking squirrels trompsin’ the streets…

  26. Avatar PraisesToPearl says:

    Dearest Pearl,I’ve become a quick believer, your insight has helped a lot. I was wonder if I could print shirts for you!
    You’ve awoken my long dead, and not playing dead, inspiration for life.
    Lots of love and happy wishes

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      Dear Lytle Alex~
      You make Pearl so happy. We live to inspire LIFE. As it happens, we have a store http://www.zazzle.com/mepearl where many shirt designs and styles are available. We would be interested in some non perishable vegan ME Pearl spaghetti, however. When you throw it against a tree it must stick. Think about it.
      Pearl, ever pursuing potential patons.

  27. Avatar Lil BeeBo says:

    Will you write my english essay for me I need help

  28. Avatar Nowinsky says:

    What is the history of the war of 1812?

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      Greed Aggression Revenge and Regret, the history of all wars except the one with my cousin, Lurleen , but that’s a story for another day. I commend your faith in ME to know this and all things.

  29. Avatar The Inevitable Heat Death of the Universe says:

    Oh great and mighty Pearl, if you had the ability to die again, would you prefer to be gored by a bull or eaten by a ravenous dog?
    I seek your wisdom.

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      You are right to seek my wisdom if those are the only options you can offer. You would do well to read more, particularly the classics. As a squirrel I had to eat the classics which can make one irregular, if you catch my drift. This is one of the few instances where you are lucky to be human. Start with Wuthering Heights and Gypsy, then ask ME what you really want to know.
      Pearl loves you.

  30. Avatar Suxxx says:

    Dearest Pearl, I deeply am intrigued in your ways and would like to know how to become enlightened in your work. Everytime I visit you, I find myself crying. I would like to ask you a few questions if that is alright.

    1. How did you come to be?

    2. Do you have family?

    3. What is your favorite Kardashian?

    Thank You! May your light shine brightly!

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      1. I invented myself. My greatest achievement. THE greatest achievement.
      2. You are all my family, dear ones.
      3. Dead dad Robert. He drops in now and again. What a raconteur!

  31. Avatar Lil BeeBo says:

    Should I vacanate my children

  32. Avatar Carl says:

    Can you help me help people?

  33. Avatar boo says:

    hey you!

  34. Avatar Ernest Hemminway says:

    Oh dearest Pearl, what is your opinion on billionaires?

  35. Avatar WildlifeRehabMadeMeLovePossums says:

    Glorious Pearl, where can I donate to the Wildlife Rehab Center you hail from?

  36. Avatar Curious Rediet says:

    Hello, benevolent Pearl!
    What are the best ways to honor you, and how best could I represent you in my everyday life?

  37. Avatar Sally says:

    I just recieved the pear buttons I ordered to show my support and I am very happy with the product!!!!!

  38. Avatar The One and Only Gremlin says:

    Sweetest pearl, what was your favorite event of the civil war?

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      It would have been the masacre of these stupid dum fat ugly twits.
      ” Aside from some small skirmishes in Northern Kentucky, no engagements were reported. Over the next several days, the Confederate force withdrew, and the Squirrel Hunters were never battle tested.

      Discharge papers for a Squirrel Hunter. Courtesy of Google Images.

      A victory parade back across the river into Cincinnati on September 12th would prove to be the high-water mark of the Squirrel Hunters and their popularity among the officers in the army. Union General Smith in Fort Mitchell stated, “Cannot I get rid of the Squirrel Hunters? They are under no control.”

  39. Avatar Suxxx says:

    Dear glorious Pearl, do you have any favorite movies and also, how do you think the universe came to be to grant us such a inspiring leader as yourself?

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      Well, if you want something done right, do it yourself. And so I did. Favorite movies, ME Pearl videos, of course.
      Thanks for asking. Always happy to revisit my origin.
      Dear and Glorious Pearl, as you say

  40. Avatar Juniper says:

    Hi there-
    I’m feeling frustrated with having to “try” around people. It’s exhausting.
    I just want to show up and be myself with no pretenses, but I don’t know if people really know what to do with that.

    Women are expected to be polite, accommodating, give compliments, be bubbly, etc, and sometimes I’m feeling very internal and quiet.

    I get tired just thinking about all the social conduct puzzles and would rather be more in the background, making things for people to enjoy.

    I’m wondering if you have any advice…
    should I come to terms with needing to try hard at times or acclimate to holding the tension when I don’t feel like adhering to social standards?

    Thanks in advance.

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      Oh Juniper, Juniper, Juniper~
      You are REALLY angry. Own it and express it, preferably while hurling fist-fulls of spaghetti any ol where. Your condition calls for LOTS of spaghetti. Don’t stint. Also, as as squirrel, my go-to move is to bite my opponents really hard. Guaranteed to get their attention. Try it. You’ll like it.
      Your P

  41. Avatar Pearl says:

    I got my name legally changed to pearl because I worship you so

  42. Avatar SeekingOpossumArt says:

    Dear Pearl,

    At the zoo today, I saw that their ambassador animals create paintings (mostly using their feet) for enrichment and to raise funds for the zoo. Do you think you could convince Georgette to do something like that? I’d be happy to pay handsomely for art from my one of my favorite opossums and to support their care.

    Many thanks,


    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      Great Idea, which is why I had it and acted on it several years ago. Fabulous works of art emerged, as you can imagine. Posted with great expectations but public response was beyond disappointing. Could try again. Possums are natural artists with a keen sense of the delicate interplay of light, shadow, color, and theme. We are reinspired, my fan.
      Pearl thanks you.

  43. Avatar YanSandTurtle says:

    Dear Pearl,
    I am feeling very lonely lately and am convinced I will never find love. How can you guide me towards someone who is right for me so that I may become happy?

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      Oh dear, YanSandturtle~
      The problem is laid bare in the question. You are right that you must fall in love to be happy. You must fall in love with YOU. Once accomplished, you will be astonished by the number of quality beings vying to bask in your peachy wonderfulness.
      You’re Welcome!

  44. Avatar laila says:

    hello pearl! i have a small favor to ask. can you please say trans rights?
    have a great day (and eternity) wise one.
    with love,

  45. Avatar finley says:

    Pearl, due to our ever-changing, ever-growing society, it seems that new genders pop up everyday. More than I can keep up with! I’ve been dying to know, is marsupial a gender? Do marsupials have a gender/sexuality spectrum like the humans do? Do they feel love? Do they know God? Also my birthday is next week, can I get a birthday shoutout on your video? Maybe drop my social media @whosjbaker so I can gain some more followers?

    Eternally yours,

  46. Avatar nicole says:

    hi pearl hope your having a good day, I really love your videos and I hope you continue making them. tell your possums I love them for me thank you and bye
    love, Nicole

  47. Avatar Kit says:

    Hi Pearl,
    So I concerned. I think have found an exotic opossum, however my friends keep telling me it is a raccoon. It does look like a raccoon, but I feel on a spiritual level that it is a opossum. What do you recommend doing? Should I get more educated friends or try to educate these ones?

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      Looks can be deceiving, Kit. Only you and the masked opossum know for sure. What others think is often only an inconvenience.
      Your Pal Pearl

  48. Avatar Biscuit says:

    Blessed and magnanimous Pearl, I’ve received a vision that I must share with your holiness for interpretation. In my vision humans had extinguished themselves from the earth because of their idiocy and Potbellied pigs were left as rulers of the universe. One in particular ruled over them all, he was large and rude with a chipped tooth and a white star on his head.
    Respectfully your follower,

  49. Avatar Phoebe says:

    Hello Pearl! I have been feeling very stressed out because of school and studying, and feel like I’m lazy and don’t work hard enough. I’ve felt worried and upset the whole week. But the videos on the MEpearlA channel are comforting and have helped me to destress, so I would like to thank you and your channeler/former caretaker for making such wonderful videos!

  50. Avatar MackMack says:

    Oh wise Pearl,
    I work with the general public, at times they can be quite trying… Can you offer some affirmations for my moments of workday weariness? Blessed be Pearl.

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      Does what you do help the general public or just take up their time with little reward? If you’re not helping, move on. If you ARE helping, remind them of this when they become fractious. A hip flask of bourbon may offer a short term solution but, long term, you’ll regret it. Love the people, MackMack, like ME.

  51. Avatar Ethel says:

    Dear Pearl,
    I am utterly useless when it comes to romance and in desperate need of guidance. I’ve been seeing a man that I think I like but every date leaves me with conflicted feelings. How do I make sense of my own heart? Blessings to you and yours.

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      Listen up, Ethel!
      Your heart makes perfect sense. It knows you are not with the right person. Once you are you will not be conflicted, you will be simply and happily insane.
      Pearl the Omniscient

  52. Avatar Qbetex says:

    Dear pearl of the forest
    Do you have any wisdom to share with a growing lad? This life and it’s many turns can be so treacherous, and you seem oh so very wise.
    Thank you in advance!

  53. Avatar Mothman says:

    Dear Pearl,
    First let me say that your videos have brought me much joy in a very dark time of my life. My question is, do squirrels (or possums) recognize a God? Thank you for all that you do, hail Pearl.

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      Dear Mothman,
      Delighted you find joy but you may not be paying close attention. Squirrels and possums and very bright humans recognize ME.
      Follow the joy.

  54. Avatar Izzy says:

    You had me at Seth, I listen to him speak too.

  55. Avatar emma says:

    there’s a huge opossum living in my yard what do i do (photo attached)

  56. Avatar John says:

    Hello pearl,
    Just wanted to say that you are great and that me and my friends love you and your opossums.
    Keep doing the great work you always do.
    Much love from Brazil!

  57. Avatar Danny Jo Freeman says:

    Hey Pearl I just wanted to say hi and thank you for making the videos that you and georgette do. They really remind me of my grandmother as she took in animals all the time. And I’ve really been missing her lately. So thank you for giving a small part of her back to me

  58. Avatar Joshua M. says:

    Dear Pearl,
    I have a YouTube channel and have been stuck in a rut creatively. What do you do when experiencing a creative block? I recently lost a good friend of mine, and left a controlling relationship. What do I do great Pearl?

  59. Avatar Oli says:

    Dearest and Wisest Pearl,
    I deeply believe that my cat identifies or is a possum in disguise. How best would I go about to figure this out?
    Thank you for your sage advice.
    Yours Always,

  60. Avatar Meredith says:

    Hi Pearl I just found out that my boyfriend of four years was cheating on me, do you know anyways that I can learn to trust people again and have healthy relationship? I love your videos and you make me smile everyday 🙂

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      I think you’ve got this one, Meredith~
      Just keep finding what makes you smile and indulge fully. Your healing is under way.
      Love, Pearl

  61. Avatar wheat crackers says:

    Hello Pearl! I’m a young girl who met a boy a long time ago. He and I started dating and were very happy together. However, not long in the relationship, he broke up with me over the phone. We were not perfect, I have done him wrong and he has damaged me as well. My greatest problem is that I cannot stop feeling those same romantic feelings I had for him so long ago. I would like to quit but my heart still flutters around him. Oh, majestic Pearl, please give me advice on how to get over him! Thank you for reading, it is greatly appreciated.

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      Early loves never let go. Get used to it. One day you will hear that he has died and feel relieved. Or is that just ME?

  62. Avatar Worried says:

    Dear Wisest Pearl,

    My heart repeatedly strays romantically towards friends who only seem to see me as such, or “aren’t sure” if they reciprocate. The feelings of never being enough for someone are starting to rise and affect my mental well-being.
    Do you think it will get better? Or is my young heart just too eager for love it hasn’t ever received?

    Your Pearls of Wisdom inspire me greatly, I wish all the best for you.

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      Dear Worried No More~
      You are enough for ME and honestly, dear, what else matters? I see you. I know you. You are everything you are supposed to be… and more.
      Be proud, be full, be happy. Oh, and let your heart play in the fields of its choosing. No point in trying to restrain a heart. Just never lose the sense of your immense value. That is unassailable. Now go have fun and eat plenty of cherries while they are in season.
      Pearl loves you

  63. Avatar Tess says:

    Dear Wisest Pearl,

    I seem to be preoccupied at a number of times with the feeling of things spiraling out of my control, of being unable to do things I want to or to help other people in their journeys. Do you have any advice on this topic?

  64. Avatar Sarah says:

    Dear Pearl,

    Hello! I am an admirer of your work. It has brought me much delight to see the love you give to opossums. This brings me to my question — I am a longtime lover of opossums, but have never had the pleasure of meeting one. I haven’t even seen one in real life! Do you have any suggestions for creating an opossum-friendly environment in my yard, so that I might have the joy of observing?

    Bless you!

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      If cat food doesn’t work than possums are staying away for reasons of their own. Respect that.
      Visit the closest wildlife center/sanctuary. Better yet, volunteer.

  65. Avatar Rosalie says:

    Dear Pearl,
    I am infatuated with someone who is currently unavailable yet I know they have interest in me as well. I know I must nurture the relationship further before anything else happens but I am just longing for something more. I cherish this person and ultimately just want to be close to them. My heart is just wrapped up in this fantasy that I know has a great possibility of becoming reality- but does it? Sometimes I feel like I get carried away by all the different possibilities but I know what my heart wants!

    Thank you dearest Pearl I appreciate your time and energy. You are beloved.

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      Yes, the heart wants what the heart wants, but if getting it will lead to chaos and suffering it may be best to just say no.
      Your heart will want again, they always do.
      Pearl Loves You

  66. Avatar Bloated Lotus says:

    Most holy Pearl,
    Ever since I started following your works, I’ve noticed an influx of rodentia in my life, particularly in my yard and on my bird feeders. I know this is a sign of your protection and blessing. Your beady gaze has shown down on me. Praise be! I also want to know, if I invest in Georgette’s adoption plan, will I be happy? Will I have enough snacks, alcohol, recreational drugs, and most importantly, plush blankets? Will the haze of human consciousness dissipate and the meaning of all become clear? Your devoted supplicant,

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      No, best stay where you are. Dissipation is a highly personal project. If you invested in Georgette’s adoption plan NOBODY would be happy.
      With Love,

  67. Avatar Sofíe says:

    Thank you for being a beacon of light in this world.

  68. Avatar God says:

    I am afraid to die

  69. Avatar God says:

    Please end my life

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      I keep a spare room for the newly departed. It’s in a tree house but the view is spectacular. Get here when you get here. You’ll be welcome.

  70. Avatar Tracy Martel says:

    Dear Pearl,
    This question is directed towards your caregiver and channeler, Georgette: what is your opinion on table tennis? I’d love to play sometime.

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      Georgette is crazy over the top for table tennis. Sometimes she has to be duck taped to the wall to get her to stop.
      But I’ve rescinded her TT privileges. She needs full focus on ME. P de W

  71. Avatar cocbaconmilktea says:

    just want to say hi.. lots of love from me to you

  72. Avatar anne frank says:

    Dearest all-knowing Pearl,
    Do you think it is ethical for teenagers to twerk and grind on each other at school?
    Sincerely, a traumatized teacher.

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      I do not consider the described behavior to be an ethical matter. It surprises ME that a teacher would use that term in this context.
      I ain’t called Pearl de Wisdom for nothin’, kiddo. As to the appropriateness of the behavior, that would depend on what kind of school it is and what the students came to learn.
      Pearl de Wisdom.

  73. Avatar Schlagsahne says:

    Dear Pearl,
    I got in a relationship with a guy a few months ago, even when we both knew that we didn’t have much time left together, now we live 3000 miles apart and we know it will be almost impossible to ever meet again,but we still talk everyday even knowing it won’t work out, what should I do?

    Thanks in advance

  74. Avatar Liz the Kitty says:

    Greetings Pearl,
    Thank you for being awesome ♥ I’m sending warm fluffy hugs
    liz ♥

  75. Avatar Lynn says:

    I love you more than words can say.

  76. Avatar Destiny says:

    Dear Pearl,

    Do you like Astrology? What’s the lady in all your videos birthday? Month and day are okay.

  77. Avatar concerned customer says:

    Have you ever hit the dab or nae nae?

  78. Avatar Dominic Marshall says:

    Pearl, I want to know how to silence these imbeciles around me.

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      Sounds like you’re writing from a cage in a zoo.
      Priority 1: Don’t go insane.
      Priority 2: Find an advocate on the outside.
      Priority 3: Don’t go insane.

  79. Avatar Angus says:

    Hi Pearl,
    Was thinking of getting a tattoo of you on my upper thigh. what’re your thoughts
    a Fan

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      Good idea. Anywhere and everywhere!!! How about on your forehead? That way anyone who looks at you will reflect their love for ME and you will be in Paradise.
      Sounds like a Win Win Win. However, unless you are a nudist, or wildly promiscuous, restricting a tattoo of ME to your upper thigh would be like hiding my light under a bushel, and nobody wants that.
      Pearl of the Eternal Sunshine

  80. Avatar JJ says:

    Hey! Just visited the Zazzle store for some ME Pearl swag and was unable to get order to go through. Seems a combo of security issue with website and Zazzle mess up.

  81. Avatar Volk says:

    I miss Godfather already 🙁

  82. Avatar Jacob says:

    Dearest Divine Pearl Messiah,

    I need your help!! I have no motivation to do anything in my life, what can I do, what do you do? Help me please!

    Yours Devoted,

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      Always ask yourself “What would Pearl do in this situation?” but never actually do that. It only works for ME. Seems you were motivated to contact ME so perhaps a career in communications awaits. Don’t worry about what should motivate you only pay attention to what DOES motivate you. Therein lies your energy, your happiness, your purpose. Also, are you getting enough spaghetti? Never underestimate the power of refined carbohydrates.
      Pearl loves you!

  83. Avatar Leyna says:

    Dear Holy and Mighty Pearl,
    I am about to take an impossible test that I will likely not do as well on as I’d hope although I’ve studied non stop!
    Any wise words to calm my mind?

    -Your Devoted Fan

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      Give a squirrel a little notice, Leyna.
      Impossible tests are just the worst, aren’t they? Grading becomes irrelevant.

  84. Avatar Kris says:

    Hello, gracious Pearl. I hope the afterlife is treating you well.

    I would like to ask for your wisdom and guidance in these trying times.

    Here’s the problem. I’m a ripe 24 years of age and I teach art to children at my parents’ art school to fund my dreams of making video games for a living. Sometimes it gets really difficult to stay sane whilst teaching kids but it pays well enough that I continue. It’s a necessary evil but sometimes it wears on me and I’d like some advice on how to deal with doing things I don’t enjoy for the sake of a greater purpose. Do you have any tips on how to maintain enthusiasm while undergoing the difficulty of interacting with people half your age?

    Thank you in advance. Amen.

  85. Avatar right friigin now chrissy says:


    How do I break out of the capitalist machine?

    Procrast of nation undeclared x

  86. Avatar Justin-Michel says:

    Dearest Pearl,

    I’ve never met you, but my heart tells me that we’ve already been acquainted, perhaps in some fleeting moment, like that time this Italian woman and I spoke for three minutes in Arles three years ago. Anyway, during the night, Sasquatch calls to me to come to the edge of his swamp to take me away. I often think of his warm embrace and the swamp creatures who became my friends when I would abscond into the wilderness. My heart wishes to be among the cypress trees, to empathize with the trout neighbors, and to help Cherry the chipmunk prepare for her big date with that other rodent she met by the hemlock grove; however, I don’t know when I should answer Sasquatch’s call. My parents would never approve of me doing this, but I must be true to my own self. When would I know, ma chère Perle, to wade into the swamp and answer the call of Sasquatch?

  87. Avatar Betty says:

    Hi Pearl, I have an odd issue with my little one and I’m not sure if you can help. She’s always been a big girl but recently shes taken a liking to having a swim in my backyard pool a bit too much. I’m worried that she has some unresolved past life aquatic problems. I’ve tried water yoga, relaxation exercises and capybara massage. What is wrong with my possum?

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      And here we come to a primal concern, determining what is “too much”, particularly tricky when it comes to another. Perhaps the problem is not with the possum, Betty.

  88. Avatar Amber says:

    Hello Mepearl,
    As I’m sure you already know, my whole family adores you. Your proper pumpkin pie video was absolutely superb and ever so inspiring. We will make sure that all of our family members do not leave this Thanksgiving without a gifted pumpkin pie stamped with love from a possum. I just know it will be a hit with everyone. However, I don’t know where to find a possum willing to stamp the pies. Do you have any helpful advice? Well, I know you will. You know and see all.

    With the most sincerest praises, thank you for bringing your talents to the world.

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      Hey Amber~
      Never met a possum unwilling to stamp a pumpkin pie. You just have to go to them. Don’t expect them to come to you. You’re welcome. The Big P.

  89. Avatar Lady Schism says:

    Dearest Pearl,

    I have called upon your wisdom today, as I’ve been in a bit of a pickle (although I do love pickles, especially homemade crunchy dill).

    What do you do if you’re in love with two and they both love you too? I feel I cannot choose one over the other, and honestly don’t want to. One is open to my expansion of love, the other not so much. I do not wish to feel solely owned by one person, have so much love to give, and would love to give it to both of them for the rest of my life if they allowed. Cupid has confused me by splitting this arrow so roughly in two.

    My thanks and kindest wishes to you.

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      How wonderful to see clearly what you. Now go for it. Stay spiritually and legally free. Stop second guessing yourself and lead a life you love. You have Pearl’s blessing to be exactly who you are. P.

  90. Avatar LemonMan says:

    Hello Dear,

    Your films are a blessing I could wish for nothing more than the blessing you dish out in every film; your films provide a bright beacon in this truly dark, cold world.
    Our leader adores these films.

    ~The one, the only, lemon man

  91. Avatar Jeffrey Epstein says:

    Did I kill myself?

  92. Avatar HamPuff says:

    I saw an egg in a tree this morning. Is this good luck or bad luck? I touched it.

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      Bad luck for the bird. Probably fell or was carried out of a nest.
      You could fill a small supermarket fruit basket with nesting material and the egg and affix it high and solidly in the tree where you found it. There’s an outside chance Mom may come by and hatch it. Worth a try. The Pearl

  93. Avatar Blanks says:

    Dream last night with a black cat, white spot on it’s neck, and a bluejay feather. Then 3 men with bags over their heads, sitting.

  94. Avatar Kylle Morrison says:

    Hi Pearl, My classes just ended and my teacher showed me your channel. The class loves you know and i wanted to know if you could say hi

  95. Avatar Clair says:

    I just wanted to thank you for posting your possum videos online. Truly inspiring, even for the possum-less folks like me.

  96. Avatar long shoe says:

    dear pearl,

    i am a student and it is almost time for finals. i cannot bring myself to study. can you please transfer the knowledge i’ll need for my exams from your almighty squirrel god brain to mine? it would be much appreciated. i cannot fail these exams.

    with love,
    long shoe

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      Sure, but it’s a Goddess brain. Big difference. When you say you cannot fail I think you sell yourself short.
      Pearl believes in you.

  97. Avatar clary says:

    Hi pearl, I just want some live advice, I’m talking to this man and he seems nice, he says that we’re ment to be, but I don’t know I need some of your words of wisdom

  98. Avatar momo says:

    Pearl, I am in a bit of a precarious situation. You see, I’ve recently fallen in love with a wonderful person, but the rest of the influential people in my life are prejudiced against them and would resent me if they knew. Up to this point, I’ve hidden my romantic excursions, but it is becoming quite burdensome for me and my beloved. What should I do? Should I tell the truth to my friends and family and face the consequences or should I continue minding my own business and keep it to myself?

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      So, Momo, your beloved is ‘different’ from your friends and family and, presumably, yourself. Perhaps you underestimate the openmindedness, compassion and imagination of the people in your life. Perhaps you don’t. If your beloved is in love with you as well, then you must make the decision and face or avoid the consequences together. The time to go public is when the truth refuses to be silenced a moment longer. Until then luxuriate in being in love and don’t worry. Be happy. P.

  99. Avatar Cloudnine says:

    May I send you fanart? To which mailbox shall I address it to?
    A ~decade+6 years~ old fan

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      Thank you!!! There is a site on reddit MEpearlA that is home to some marvelous fanart. Would love to see what you’ve done. Pearl Appreciates you!

  100. Avatar Matthew says:

    Pearl, you should say something about this and call the North Carolina City Halls. They are celebrating the New year by dropping a wild oppossum in a cage and breaking it’s legs. This was originally meant to be a parody of the NY New years Ball drop celebration but instead of being a funny Southern Charm it has killed a lot of opossums. The last years Opossum had such bad infections from wounds it could be smelled from 100 ft away. The city had to amputate the opossums leg. Speak up about all of this. https://www.change.org/p/stop-the-new-year-s-eve-possum-drop-in-north-carolina/psf/promote_or_share