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  1. Avatar euclidcreek says:

    Thanks for this informative series of videos on possum care. One question I have, are you the same G Spelvin that starred in adult movies in the seventies?

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      You are actually talking to ME Pearl,the squirrel, very sensuous to be sure but the wildlife porn industry is too far underground for you to have seen it.
      I believe you are inquiring about my human, Georgette. Ms. Spelvin has made many questionable choices throughout the decades and we find it best to simply look ahead at this point. That’s right, eyes front and onward.

      Pearl, porn pimp of the past? or
      ascended psychic squirrel of today?

  2. Avatar glitterocalypse says:

    Hello Pearl,

    I would like to purchase one of your shirts. I wish to present your glorious visage upon a golden lily pad to a friend. Please advise on why you are not taking orders. I am concerned. You are my favorite spirit.

    Thank you

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      Even though Pearl is perfect, her minions are not and that Georgette~ don’t get me started.
      Seems our merchandising outlet collapsed and we are busily scurrying about manifesting another.
      You and your friends should be able to wear ME on my golden lily pad before this season’s babies are out of the nest.

      Pearl, Proprietress Par Mediocity

  3. Avatar mr. coolio spetz says:

    heyo pearly cat wazzup, its ya boy chrissy boy. I really like my possum and how he dresses but he get’s made fun of πŸ™ how do i cheer him back up πŸ˜›

  4. Avatar Bryna Thomas says:

    But…why? Why is this happening?

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