Proper Opossum Poetry Winners



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  1. Avatar Liz says:

    How many possums are there? I want to know more about them!

    • pearl pearl says:

      Hey Liz,
      2 possums currently in residence. Everything that you want to know about them can be found on the Youtube channel MEpearlA.
      And what about you, Liz? How can Pearl help you sort through the pricklies?
      P de W

  2. Avatar floy o'neal says:

    Couple of things, first last Nov I found a small opossum that had been hit by a car. she had blood on her head and her eyesight is effected. i’ve kept her all winter, fed her, petted her, i couldn’t help it, BUT i feed 125 cats daily, take strays to be spayed, scrounge foe money and in short need some loving person to take ‘jelly bean’ and love her, let her make babies, not eat her. also i want to make a short film about all the strays i care for and beg, plead with peopke tp spay, neuter, and join me in zero population grputh for cats and dogs. can you help. 504-339-3190 OR P.O.BOX 1343 Metairie, Louisiana 70004

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      Take Jellybean to a wildlife sanctuary and explain that she is habituated. She does NOT need to make babies. Not good for captive possums who cannot teach their offspring how to live free.
      Hopefully publishing your contact information will bring you the sponsorship you seek.
      Please consider taking better care of yourself.