Proper Opossum Emergency Preparedness




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  1. Avatar Allison says:

    Great video!I love when at the end of every video you just stop even though the video is still recording!I love animals!

  2. Avatar Alice says:

    I realize you may not want to answer this particular question in a way that is helpful to me but what the hell! First, understand that I LOVE squirrels and hope to come back as one, assuming that I’ll have to come back at all. But I think coming back as a squirrel will be worth it. However, as long as I’m a human, living in a human house, I don’t especially want to share it with squirrels. If they didn’t chew incessantly and poop everywhere it might not be too bad. In fact, I’m not entirely sure there isn’t an opossum living in here too. Anyway, a few were relocated but at least one from the clan made his/her way back in. We had a nice chat in the attic after having chatted several times before while he was working ceaselessly on his tunnel back in (her on roof and me hanging out the window). Well, she’s a smarty pants and is avoiding the have-a-heart traps. Any advice for getting her to leave? I’m considering providing her with a squirrel house in the backyard as an alternative, but really, who would want to downsize to a few square feet from thousands?!

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      Dear Alice, HEAVY You’re going to need humane professional help. Nest boxes in near by trees is a thoughtful alternative for after the entrances and exits are sealed. Try not to do this during baby season which can be twice a year depending on your weather. You have a good heart. Pearl loves you.