Proper Opossum Alien Alert




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  1. …You present the opossum in a humorous and vulnerable light….
    Janie B.

    • pearl pearl says:

      How else? Besides, anything for a duckett.
      Thanks, Janie,for your unedited post and what you do for your own Tippy Twisted Trousers et al.
      Stay tuned for the spin-off series on MEpearlA, launching early December 2012!
      Entrepreneurial Pearl

  2. Avatar students says:

    hello pearl. we are students at a high school (if you truly know everything you know which) and we believe our principal is a double sent by the government. can you confirm or deny this rumor? we love you and welcome your answer. bless you.

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      Dear Students~
      You should be so lucky! No high school experience has ever been that interesting. But I feel your longing and my compassion compels ME to impart a valuable secret. Go Small.
      And, if you dare, go MINUSCULE. That’s where all the best mind bending stuff is hidden.
      You’re welcome.

  3. Avatar twisty the raccoon says:

    Hello Pearl,

    I am Twisty the Raccoon and I wonder, Pearl, if we have met in a past life?

  4. What is the story of your birth?