Proper Opossum Bedtime Story




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  1. Avatar Melinda McBride says:

    What a nice bedtime story, makes me wish I had a kid to play it for! Really enjoying your vidos.

  2. I LOVE you! You’re my hero! Well, you and Denzel Washington; but Denzel doesn’t tell possum bedtime stories, as far as I know. So, you’re the greatest! XOXO

    • pearl pearl says:

      I accept this compliment on behalf of my human minion, Georgette S.. Everything good she gets from ME, her squirrel muse and brain wave conductor.
      What a GREAT NAME; Ramey Chanell. Don’t you just love being called Ramey Chanell?!
      Your wonderful new friend, ME, Pearl de Wisdom, the squirrel not the human, who isn’t near as good as ME.

  3. i have a opossum that visits my back yard every night for some left over dinner,when do you think the possum will feel comfortable enough to let me massage him.

    • pearl pearl says:

      Well, Randolf, there is a very small window of opportunity here. Stay alert and look for a raised right forearm accompanied by a ‘come hither’ stare.
      Good Luck.
      Peal, Provider of all that is good and valuable.

  4. Avatar stasha says:

    you are my new hero. thank you for making me smile.
    i was once visited by an opossum in my casita when i was teaching in rural mexico. it woke me up at night. crash! crash! the sound of things falling from the table and counter tops. i assumed it was bandits. i very, very slowly crept upstairs. holding my flashlight as a weapon. opposum bandit paw prints everywhere in the flour that was now strewn about the floors. tip toe tip toe she scurried behind the refrigerator. i’ll never forget those late night beady lil eyes. she looked a little rough around the edges. come to think of it, she seemed like she could have used a good massage. and, i found her in my home! what are the odds? unfortunately, there was very little internet back then, and i didn’t know that opossum massage was a thing. i wonder what she is doing today. i hope that she’s relaxed.

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