Squirrel Spoiler




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  1. Avatar Cheryl Clayton says:

    Dearest ME Pearl,

    I would love to view some more squirrel videos. Please post more!


    • pearl pearl says:

      ME, too, Cheryl~
      Squirrel videos are the best! Squirrel anything just the songs of the spheres.
      Will do. More squirrel coming up.
      Pearl the uber Squirrel

  2. Hey pearl! I would like to see more squirrel videos. I showed your channel to my class mates and teacher, they love you. Take care

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      Thank you Adrian Galvan. What a wonderful name.
      There will be plenty more squirrel videos. After all I am an immortal narcissist. But a month to you is a nano second to ME (Yes, I’m hip and trendy) so you may need some patience. Have you seen all the posted videos? Something to do while you wait for the new ones. To be honest, the earlier ones are better. It’s all just gone increasingly down hill and it’s all the fault of Georgette, that sad excuse for a human channel. But I digress. Eat some spaghetti. Be happy.

  3. Avatar Ema Mary Fran says:

    Pearl, what is the secret of the universe? I once watched a movie that said 42, but lately I’ve been feeling unsure of this response. (Between you and me, I think the true answer is more possum-related.)