Proper Opossum Product Placement




4 Blessed Comments

  1. Avatar Barry says:

    I am your biggest fan. Thank you for all you do!

  2. Avatar Christina says:

    You are everything to this world and never stop. You are perfect and so are your soft Opossums. <3

  3. Avatar Kate says:

    Which squirrel or opossum god do we need to appease to stop 2020’s reign of awfulness? How should we appease?

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      Hello Kate~
      You need the Goddess, in this case Gaia, Mother Earth. How do you appease? VOTE. Vote for every measure and candidate that supports the health and rejuvenation of this spectacular planet shared by every life form that you know, and many you do not. Human ignorance (to be kind) has caused the “awfulness”.
      People, wake up, rise up, reclaim your home. Love Mother Nature as She has loved you. Respect. Reverence. It starts with you, Kate. I, the great and powerful Pearl, am activating YOU to begin making the difference you long to see realized. You know what to do. It’s just going to be harder than you expected. Sending the wind for your sails. Pearl Loves You