A Proper Opossum Procedure




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  1. Avatar Grace says:

    Last Friday we discovered a baby opossum in our driveway and oh my gosh, she’s still alive and doing well. It’s been five days now our local vet says she’s looking well and should recover from the initial exposure. She probably just fell off her mom when our dog non-maliciously decided to play with her. Well, lots of baby food and Gatorade and things are going well.
    We live in Anaheim (near Disneyland) and are in LA frequently as daughter is going to USC.
    Any advice would always be appreciated, my hubby and I really enjoy your videos. This is our first opossum and we just adore her.
    Husband was a falconer when he was young, so he’s really confident with wild animals.
    Thanks for the terrific videos, keep up the good work!

    • pearl pearl says:

      Thanks, Grace,
      Sounds like you are taking good care of the possie.
      You’ll want to pick up some KMR or Esbilac at your local Pet Supply, tout suite. Both will work.
      She needs those nutrients now for bone strength. Check out websites for Opossum Society of the United States and National Opossum Society.
      Glad you enjoy the videos.
      Pearl of the Multi-Purpose