A Proper Opossum Service Animal




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  1. Avatar Bill says:

    Hi Pearl:

    Are there any intelligence enhancing exercises for Possums?

    thanks 🙂

    • pearl pearl says:

      Hey Bill~
      Yes, there are intelligence enhancing exercises for possums. Unfortunately possums are unable to do them.
      Pearl of Diminishing Patience when it comes to Possums.

  2. Avatar christine says:

    I am posting for my opossum, Tajina who has not learned to type yet.
    This is the most fun filled web site we have ever seen. Please keep
    up the wonderful videos. They are wonderful.
    p.s. Tajina would like to audition -lol- She feels she is a much
    better method trained acting opossum. Let us know your thoughts on
    Tajina and her mother

    • pearl pearl says:

      Hello Tajina and Mother of Tajina~
      So pleased that you appreciate this site.
      Feel free to submit links to audition videos either here or to the MEpearlA channel on YouTube.
      We are always on the lookout for method marsupials.
      Pearl de Wisdom, Executive Producer of ME Pearl Productions

  3. Avatar Unexpected Opossum Parents says:

    Hi Pearl,
    We adore opossums and always find ways to work into any conversation with anyone that they should love opossums, not hate them. Definitely not kill them. Recently, a friend who has been paying attention to our imprompt possum preachings, saw a hit and run opossum victim on the side of the road. She moved it out of the road and checked for a pouch and found 5 still living babies inside. She called the wildlife rehab center in our area who basically said sorry but we cant do anything due to covid19. So she brought these 5 beautiful babies to us. Even though weve been eating up anything and everything opossum information related since before our new bebes came along, i worry incessantly if we are doing this right. They seem to be thriving but i cant stop worrying. They are only 4 old. How can i make sure we are ensuring their healthy and happy future?

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      Hi Molly,
      If they are eating on their own and you are keeping up with Google and Youtube info and tutorials then all should be well.
      Thank you for your kindness and care.
      Your Pal Pearl