A Proper Opossum Send-Off




4 Blessed Comments

  1. Avatar Elizabeth says:

    Shine on, Peach. Shine on.

  2. Avatar Timoteo says:

    Greetinga from sunny Spain. I’ve just found your youtube channel and it is a delight

  3. Avatar Mousedragon says:

    So… Believe it or not? You aren’t the first ascended critter I’ve come across, though you are certainly a bundle of fun, as is your Pink Mama. I’m a bit of a hedgehog myself… I am very fond of babies especially. I was curious, your Pink Mama does rehabilitation work, yes? I think thats really fantastic, however I was a bit upset about the treatment of the baby squirrel in one of your videos. Opossums are quite hardy and these guys seem to be pretty chill, though Maple is an adorable little snot… But baby squirrels, as I am sure you know are full of very tiny, very breakable little bones and tossing them roughly can lead to things like… Well, broken legs and such, which as you know is not an enjoyable thing to have. Squirrels can be very excitable and you are obviously a joyful person, but for the sake of my anxiety would you please be a bit more careful with the littles in the future?

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      Thank you for your concern. That baby squirrel was tossed into a hamper full of fleece. I brought her out at the end to show viewers that she was just fine. It was rehearsed several times with a stuffed animal to be sure the live baby would land properly. It was supposed to look reckless for the joke but I promise you great care was taken to insure the baby’s safety. P.