A Proper Opossum Appeal




3 Blessed Comments

  1. PEARL PEARL says:

    And you can send money, too. Make no mistake, the $ is for ME, Pearl, the Mother Theresa of urban wildlife. Pear will croak or he wont. Whatever $ is left over is MINE. This has nothing to do with the silly human. Leave her out of it. This is between you and ME. If you are confused as to who is who around here, please see ME Pearl presents ME Pearl, then just click on the PayPearl buttons conveniently situated throughout this site. Give to your heart’s content. If it helps you to think it’s for little Pear, fine.

  2. Avatar fausthaus says:

    You can do it, Pear! You’re feisty!

    ($20 sent on Paypal. Good luck!)

    • pearl pearl says:

      What a fine and noble gesture, Fausthaus. The feisty little fruit will be fortified by your generosity.
      Pearl, President
      ME Pearl Spiritual and Finacial Services