Proper Opossum Analysis, part 2




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  1. Avatar Julian says:

    If you do administer the whole marsupial-adapted Myer-Briggs test and uncover your opossum’s value system, should you still never make a moral judgment on an opossum regardless of what values it holds? What if you think its values seem just plain wrong? I know therapists should take a nonjudgmental attitude toward patients, but is it really wrong to feel a little judgmental after the session is over and the opossum is gone?

    • pearl pearl says:

      Julian Julian Julian,
      Just what value are you afraid of uncovering? Meet it with courage and unconditional positive regard. But you know that.
      That said, I have made a moral judgment on the ‘Great Creator’, having to do with the food chain. Some things just can’t be forgiven; that plump baby zebra being terrorized, tortured and torn apart by hungry lions. C’mon! Not O.K..
      And, of course, that extends to baby squirrels and feral cats. Just thinking about it eats your heart out, much like the feral cat does to the baby squirrel. Natural? The Circle of Life?
      Hakuna Matata my Aunt Fanny! Who came up with this %$#^*? The food chain has got to be the worst idea of all time. It’s just wrong. WRONG ! It’s an affront to every ….OMmmm OMmmm

      (Pearl must excuse herself now. She has become upset. Thank you for writing in and have a nice day.)