2 Blessed Comments

  1. Avatar Lisa Evans says:

    Pearl, I’ve finally found what was missing in my life. Your site, your answers and your prophecies have filled that nagging little space that had been empty inside me. Thank you Pearl for channeling your wisdom through your PM.
    If you would so allow, I’d like to pass on my gratitude to your PM as well. PM, I think you are wonderful. I am so glad that your life was blessed by knowing Pearl, and so glad that you can help pass those blessings on to the rest of us.
    Pearl, I find myself a wee bit jealous that you were able to know your PM. I think she seems like a wonderful person and I wish I had the opportunity to meet her.

    I wish you both continued happiness and joy, and thank you so much for sharing your blessings with the rest of us.
    Also, your opossum companion seems so relaxed and happy. I look forward to future videos regarding proper opossum care.

    • pearl pearl says:

      Dear Lisa,
      That’s all very nice but now you’ve gone and made PM cry and she’s useless to ME in that condition.
      Also, I don’t care much for possums, other than their exploitation value.
      Grumble grumble grrrrr
      Pearl loves you