14 Blessed Comments

  1. Avatar Clodagh says:

    Hey Pearl,

    I loved this video even if it did take me completely by surprise. I thought it was hysterical.

    • pearl pearl says:

      Hello Clodagh,
      From whence doest thou hail?
      So pleased so pleased that you appreciate the first humble oeuvre of ME Pearl Productions.
      Pearl of Production is always happy to receive your comments and reply.
      Might you be interested in joining our future focus group?
      Pearl of Promotion

  2. Avatar Bebop says:

    Me and my family think you’re great. Half of us think you’re making real videos and half of us think you’re doing a hilarious character. Please put an end to our family debates.

  3. Avatar Guido says:

    It’s the first time I ever wished I was a ‘possum…

  4. Avatar Christine says:

    Q) What do you get when you cross a person with a genius IQ, extremely fluid energy, the ability to move energy, a compassion for others (including animals), comic ability and a slight uncomfortability with recognition of her own power?

    A) Squirrel Channeler

    B) Yes – I am aware the grammer was lost in the first sentance.

    C) I really hope that you use that power of perception with others because its a real gift. Tell me you do.

    e) Thanks for brightening my day. The comedy is brilliant too.

    7) On a more serious note, I wish there were more people in the world comfortable enough to express thier individuality, because it genuinely is needed out here. Thanks for sharing with us.

    • pearl pearl says:

      Dear Christine,
      Georgette says, “I do. You’re welcome. Thank you.”
      But what about ME, Christine? ME Pearl. Everything comes from ME. I am the alpha and omega and zed of this empire.
      There would be no ME Pearl without ME Pearl.
      Georgette, Georgette, Georgette, SHEEESE! She is my $^&$% puppet! The creature can barely stand up on her own.
      I gotta get ME a new channeler. This is all going phlooey with dum dum there. mumble mumble There’s this rapper in Detroit ..mumble #@!*# ! Ommmm Ommmmm
      Pearl the Paragon of Peace and Humility

  5. Avatar Christine says:

    Well OK, I didn’t mean offense to your furry highness, or any other part of your anatomy.

    It is clear that you have managed to amass some very useful and practical knowledge during your short time on earth. That’s saying a lot, since most mammals only ever manage to amass a lot of curtain sets and Christmas sweaters Or just nuts, depending on their particular skeletal make-up.

    I do have to point out, however, that having knowledge is only half the battle. The ability to stand up in a crowd, to stand out against the backdrop of conformity and speak what is in your heart is really the most difficult part of the process. It’s the person that stands up and delivers the message that is under the line of fire, takes the real risks in life, and ultimately is the type of person to help the world move in a different direction.

    Again, I appreciate your knowledge, but what risks have you taken? None, because you’re already dead. You should really be nicer to your channeler, because, well, lets face it, they have bigger nuts than you do.


  6. Avatar Ann says:

    Love your possum videos. I think they are such darling animals. Yes, I think they are so cute. It’s nice to find someone out there who appreciates a much maligned creature. Rock on Pearl!

  7. Avatar Sarah says:

    7:14 possum wink 😀

  8. Avatar lulu says:

    dear pearl
    i found a possie on the side of the street i took the possie to the vet and he was ok but my husband toome wants to put it in local zoo with his possie pals but i dont know if i want want to do that beacuse i want to keep him beacuse i want to do all the the fun things you do wih your possie so im asking you whats the right thing to do i love jerry i love i love jerry i love jerry i love jerry i hate toome he always bin jealous of me and jerry

    • pearl pearl says:

      O.K., Lulu, listen up.
      Pearl needs you to be strong.
      Ask your vet the best place to release possums in your area.
      It should be away from people with plenty of vegetation and a good water source.
      If you love Jerry let him go. If he returns to you….but he won’t. And that’s a good thing.
      Pearl loves you…….so would a family dog. A squirrel friendly dog is best like, um, a pug? Ha hahahaha Hardy har Hic hic…a pug!