The Pearl Prophecies

First Insight

Not you, this has nothing to do with you. I am Archetype, ME, Pearl.
I am the Missing Archetype. Sort of like the missing link only better. Newly emerged and yet part of your collective unconscious since Time Imodium.

Archetypal ME

Second Insight

You CAN take it with you. Everything you possess turns astral and comes over when you croak.
So pay attention to what you stash and trash. It matters. Matter doesn’t matter but essence is everything.

Third Insight

We continue to age over here. But it’s not as you would expect from earthly experience. The aging process is not contingent on time. Changes are the accumulation of choices and experiences and judgments and influences and friends and lovers and accidents, etc.
It has nothing to do with the body breaking down because it doesn’t. But it does keep changing and, in most cases, you can easily tell by looking, how long a being has been boppin’ about….except in the case of Buddhists and porpoises and Shar-peis and anything Finlandian.

Fourth Insight

Fifth Insight

It is not coincidence that you now have need of the very item you recently discarded. It is the law of cause and effect. It is BECAUSE you threw it out that the need for it arose. So be of good cheer and do not berate yourself for lack of foresight. Had you not rid yourself of the item, you would have no need for it now and it would still be cluttering your life.

Sixth Insight

Early Life:
A. When in doubt, don’t.
B. Whatever you are pretending to be, you probably are.
C. What others are saying about you, is probably true.

Later Life:
A. When in doubt, go ahead. Let’s see what happens.
B. Whatever you are pretending to be, Stop it.
C. What others are saying about you, is irrelevant.

Seventh Insight

That third party in your mind isn’t real.

Eighth Insight

In response to the question: Is Earth the only location in our galaxy where life exists? If not, how far is the closest?

The closest location is Etherea and it’s less than a breath away. Anybody who was anybody is here and can see and influence everything you do and think. Like now.
Oh, stop showing off. It may take you a while to get used to this idea and relax. But you will. Those activities that embarrass you most tend to bore us to distraction. But most of us retain an avid interest in food and, as often as not, your food choices are not entirely your own.
As for other locations, sure. Inner, inter, and exter galaxy. But it’s always the same beings being recycled and re-purposed hither thither and yon. There is nobody new under whatever sun happens to be out or not.

Ninth Insight

Do not debate the form when you crave the content.



8 Blessed Comments

  1. Avatar Edward says:

    Do you live in Southern California and, if so, are you available for dating? No, sit down. Not you. I am speaking to the woman in the videos. The tall one with the dark hair. Not the one with the tail.

  2. Pearl Pearl says:

    Who wants to know?

    Pearl the Potential Procurer

  3. Avatar HMVincent says:

    O, Pearlescent Pearl, a relic containing your blessed likeness has come into my hands. This heirloom handed down through countless generations is now mine to treasure, to clutch in my sweaty little hands while contemplating your ascended self. Thank you, thank you, for steering this object to me, dearest ME. Love, M.E.

    • pearl pearl says:

      You’re welcome, Melcome.
      Actually the generation can be counted. The count is one and you’re it.
      You will now be inspired to great and incomprehensible accomplishments.
      Don’t use my name if you get pulled in.
      Your Pal,

  4. Avatar Claudia R JACOBI says:

    Is this site stillopen? I wanted some info about opposum.

  5. Avatar Constance says:

    I am getting some vibes of The Celestine Prophecy here, Pearl! Have you had time to gnaw on that one? Great book 🙂

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      The connection eludes ME, Constance, but I’m always open to tasty literary works. Do you know if the Celestines offer coupons?
      Pearl the Practical

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