Pearl’s Pals

Sam & Piquante, PM in-law to ME


P M & ME

Debbie Mitchell (Auntie & Artist), follower of ME

A shoulder to lean on for ME


Auntie Diane & not ME

Baby Peach, Priestess in-training to ME

YOU may have your

photo here with ME!

Sam 'The Teeth' consort to ME, mastering the ancient Japanese art of Ikebana

Rachel Rosenthal, famous person

Tom Allard, the thinking squirrel’s bodyguard. So, don’t mess with ME.

YOU may have your

photo here with ME

Morning Glory & Blossom





Magik is afoot with these powerful pals.

Alessa & Baby Blossom




12 Blessed Comments

  1. Avatar Tom Allard says:

    Dear Poil, I have a friend, dear friend, who is too strange for the room.
    Should I get a bigger room? – Puzzled-in-Pacoima

    • pearl pearl says:

      Dear Mr. Allard,
      You are funny. But funny, like strange, is in the eye of the beholder.
      You do not have a corner on strange friends.

      • Avatar Tom Allard says:

        Dear Pearl, I am humbled in the presence of a master. And I’m sort of hoping the master is up to date on meds.

        • pearl pearl says:

          Pearl of Prescription is a squirrel of the past.
          Today I’m simply high of Afterlife. Wanna know how?
          Well, first you croak………..
          There are many means of accomplishing this.
          See relationship advice to Maria in ASK PEARL.
          Pearl of Divine Patience is waiting to instruct you further.
          (Pearl of Wisdom absolves herself of any and all responsibility for whatever may go terribly terribly wrong as a result of taking her advice. Thank you for writing in and have a nice day.
          Please note that your personal privacy is of no interest to Pearl.)

  2. Avatar Stuart says:

    Dear Pearl,

    Who is Rachel Rosenthal and why is she a skeleton? Do squirrels like skeletons?



    • pearl pearl says:

      Hi Stu,
      Rachel Rosenthal is a famous person worth a Google. She’s one of my biggest fans. Ms. Rosenthal wrote in complaining of feeling really old and the moment was captured. Squirrels are not particularly partial to skeletons but we do enjoy a good antler now and again.
      Thanks for writing in and have a nice day.

  3. Avatar Jingle Bear says:

    Dear Pearl~
    My name is Jingle Bear. I would like to be one of your pals. How can I be one of your pals? I have a photo of me and my real mommy. My real mommy is wearing a panda bear hat. I am not a bear. I am a Virginia Oppossum.
    Your friend in Christ
    Jingle Bear

    • pearl pearl says:

      Hey, Jingle Bear~
      Well, a marsupial by any other name …
      There is actually an application form for Pearl’s Pals currently under construction. Stay tuned.
      Meanwhile, most opossums of my acquaintance are Pagan/Druid types. Just how is it that you come to identify yourself as Christian?
      Pearl of Unceasing Curiosity.

  4. We think you are all just wonderful! You are my next favorite tonic when feeling grumpy or blue…my favorite tonic of course is my sweet little 4 month old Possum whose name is Blossom; the perfect therapy animal. She is the 5th Possum with whom I have cohabited over the years.We would love to send you some pix and be part of your pals. But we guess you are pretty busy and so we are happy to wait in a blissful Possum style quasi-coma until you have time to finish whatever it takes to make that happen…or not. Bright Blessings!

  5. Avatar This guy says:

    God won’t forgive me anymore and I’m becoming a father soon. What should I do?

    • MEpearl MEpearl says:

      Stop looking to God for forgiveness. Make the appropriate amends and be glad knowing that Pearl forgives you. Be a better father than your God; quick to forgive. Your child will need that as much as you do.Again, you are forgiven. What now?